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Google Maps API v2
26 Apr 2006
Well, Google have released version 2 of their API. Currently, this makes very little visible difference, expect that there is now map data available for mainland Europe, as well as the UK. In the next week or so, I'll be moving across to use the new API in all respects, which should hopefully lead to some room for new and interesting features, which is nice.
Report bad map points
19 Mar 2006
If you see a point in the wrong place, or that's inappropriately described for whatever reason, you can now report it. 5 reports will cause a point to be removed until I can look at it and determine if the removal should be permanent.
Editable map points
08 Mar 2006
Map points on all of the maps (apart from the 'All Cities' map) are now editable. I've also cleaned up some of the CSS stuff, and tidied up some of the other underlying code. You can't yet move points, I'm weighing up options on how to implement that. I'm also going to add a feedback system, so good points will be more prominent than bad. The [url] limit to a single usage will also be looked at.
Welcome to MySQL
22 Feb 2006
Big redesign and re-architecturing, and a bit of outlay on a MySQL database leads to a much nicer interface for me to deal with, and allows people to add points far more simply, yay! Next feature will be editing descriptions, I think.
Site and Club Listing
17 Feb 2006
The site and club listing map is now live, but is not finished by any means. Expect a few more features, and a bit more stability (e.g. I think only one URL can be added to a description, you can't edit descriptions yet, etc.).
Navigation update
15 Feb 2006
Updated the navigation format, it'll be easier to add more than about 10 cities using this style. Can't quite get the thing to read the city names and links from an XML file, that may be this weekend's task.
Back in business
15 Jan 2006
Sorry for the total absence over the last month, I've been moving house. Broadband reconnected, and updates starting again from today.
Map double clicking
08 Dec 2005
You can double click anywhere on a map, and it will fill in the 'Google maps link' information for you. Shiny.
User added points
08 Dec 2005
Well, I've been wrestling with various solutions for a while, but you can now add your own points to the Cambridge map (they'll be purple until I approve them). Next, other maps, then the world!
New Style
01 Dec 2005
No much new for the next few days, a bit of a style touch up, but I'm too busy organising the Cambridge TT Banquet to do much else.
Welcome to 26herbs
30 Nov 2005
Hi and welcome to 26herbs. This page is a bit sparse at the moment, but go look at my LARPmap, that's linked above.
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