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Once more we gather for the grandest occasion in the Empire's social calendar, the Printers' Guild Ball and Pledge Awards.

It's time to recognise the achievements and to reward the worthy citizens of the Empire at this most prestigious celebration.

Head once more to the far north of our lands, to the city of Temeschwar and revel in the hospitality of Lisabeth von Temeschwar, the Magic Butcher.

Step within the confines of this grand and imposing shrine to Pride and see how business is done in the League.

OOC details

The price of a ticket is £33 and spaces are limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

The event is a one night social, no combat, no threat. It's a chance to have fun, hob-nob and be seen.

The dancing will be a collection of dances in the Playford and English Ceilidh styles. If you've done any ceilidh dancing before then you'll pick it up in no time. If not, don't worry, all dances will be called, telling you exactly what you need to do at the right time. If you want to get some practice in ahead of time we can recommend dances throughout the country, feel free to ask.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or medical conditions when booking, we will do our utmost to cater for anything we have been made aware of. If you have any concerns or queries please contact us on the event email address,

There are a number of parking options within a few minutes' walk of the venue. There is a 24 hour NCP option, or there's a couple of Council run options, but please do check the time limits as there are restrictions in force.

Public transport links are excellent, with both the train an bus stations just a short walk away.

There is no accommodation available at the venue itself. There is a Premier Inn about a mile away or the more expensive Mercure, which is only 5 minutes walk away. There are a number of other options available within easy reach.

Payment is via Paypal, and will be made to

We are incredibly committed to providing a welcoming and entertaining OOC experience to all. We expect every attendee to have read and to abide by the Empire Conduct policies. We also want to encourage the aspirational approach to costuming, to recognise the efforts of all attendees and to welcome all no matter the OOC resources they have available to dedicate to the portrayal of their characters.

If you have any questions, just drop us a line at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any participant, at the sole discretion of the organisers. All payments are final, tickets cannot be refunded. You are free to pass your ticket on to another player if you wish and if the event sells out we will operate a waiting list to assist this process if required.